NexMatrix Landscaping Fabric

Matrix 85

Matrix 85

Matrix 85 Landscaping Fabric


Matrix 85 landscaping fabric is a three layer, technologically advanced textile created to actually deliver on the functionality expected from landscaping cloth. Each layer has a specific purpose, and when melded together, create a fabric that allows air and water flow but prevents plant sprouts from penetrating.

Only 3 layer product with 2 distinct structures

Layer 1 (Top) = non-woven fabric
UV protected Non-woven made on state-of-the-art equipment to allow even balanced strength in both machine and cross direction. It has excellent durability, a soft feel and a non-slip surface that provides increased safety in wet conditions.
Layer 2 (Middle) = Nex Matrix
Designed to both catch and block all types of weeds and reinforce the top and bottom layers. Mesh pockets also help control soil erosion.
Layer 3 (Bottom) = non-woven fabric
UV protected, evenly balanced non-woven bottom layer with excellent strength. This layer of fabric has been designed to perform in all soil conditions and climates.
  • • Excellent weed and erosion control
  • • UV stabilized to last longer
  • • Air, water and nutrients pass easily though the matrix to maintain healthy soil conditions
  • • Distributes water evenly with a steady slow-drip to soil underneath
  • • Extra strong grid design helps block weeds from penetrating fabric
  • • Easy to cut and install, stays in place after installation
  • • Environmentally friendly material

Matrix 85 Technical/Comparative Data:

Specification ASTM Standard Matrix 85 Typical Value Non-Woven Fabric Typical Value Film Fabric Typical Value
Weight (GSM) D3776 85.0 50.0 50.0
Thickness (mm) D1777 0.80 0.23 0.22
Tensile Strength (lbs) D5034 62.5 MD 58.0 CD 14.8 MD 10.9 CD 8.6 MD 5.1 CD
Trapezoidal Tear (lbs) D4533 24.2 MD 20.1 CD 7.8 MD
5.2 CD
3.5 MD 3.0 CD
Air Permeability (CFM/FT2) D737 365.0 280.0 480.0
Water Permeability (Ltr/M2/Sec | Permittivity) D4491 48.20 | 0.75 10.8 | 0.58 224 | 6.45

NexMatrix Gray NexMatrix Purple NexMatrix Black

NexMatrix can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors

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