NexMatrix Landscaping Fabric



The "Nex" Level in Landscaping Fabric

NexMatrix Landscaping Fabric is a three layer, technologically advanced textile created to actually deliver on the functionality expected from landscaping cloth. Each layer has a specific purpose, and when melded together, create a fabric that allows air and water flow but prevents plant sprouts from penetrating.

Available from The Home Depot

Sold under the brand name "Vigoro"

Step 1
Step 1.

Remove weeds and grasses from planting area. Rake smooth.

Step 2
Step 2.

Unroll fabric and overlap sections by 2" to 3". Secure with fabric pegs.

Step 3
Step 3.

Cut X's as needed for existing and new plants to pass through.

Step 4
Step 4.

Cover with 2" of bark, mulch, pine straw or decorative stone.

  • • Excellent weed and erosion control
  • • UV stabilized to last longer
  • • Air, water and nutrients pass easily though the matrix to maintain healthy soil conditions
  • • Distributes water evenly with a steady slow-drip to soil underneath
  • • Extra strong grid design helps block weeds from penetrating fabric
  • • Easy to cut and install, stays in place after installation
  • • Environmentally friendly material

Available in 2 grades:

Matrix 55  |  Learn More + Matrix 85  |  Learn More +

NexMatrix Diagram

NexMatrix Landscaping Fabric can be used in all types of domestic or commercial gardens, pathways and hardscapes. NexMatrix’s evenly spaced structural grid provides excellent drainage for air, water and nutrients to pass easily through and help maintain optimal soil conditions.

The durable mesh layer helps the fabric to lay flat for faster installations. The mesh layer also helps grip the soil more effectively than flat fabrics and the mesh pockets increase its ability to control soil erosion.

In windy conditions, the extra strength provided by the mesh also helps to fastened to the fabric to the soil using plastic or metal landscaping pins. Fewer blow-offs means faster installs and less time reinstalling.

Don’t settle for second best, choose NexMatrix for your next gardening project!